Backpacking in Bali - Brought to you by Dillons Bungalows, Amed
Backpacking in Bali - Brought to you by Dillons Bungalows, Amed

Our Story

It wouldn't be quite right to say that all this started because of 'love at first sight' In fact, my first visit to Bali demonstrated how, like all places, you have to really get to know Bali before getting the best out of it - and local knowledge is always invaluable. 
In terms of Bali, I was initially underwhelmed - I went to places that were just too 'concrete jungle' rather than a vision of paradise.
But two years later, I was persuaded by a friend to give Bali a second chance. 
I did - and promptly found not just Amed - beautiful Amed  surrounded by rice fields and with great views of Mount Agung - because  on the second night here I met the man that was to become my future husband - Komang Deli.
 A planned trip to Australia soon followed and so once again I left. But Amed and my man had obviously had a big effect, because four months later, I was headed back to Bali and started teaching English in Medan. Our relationship developed and then I guess you could say karma played a part when after a three night stay with him, I found I was 'with child'! That was really the start of my life here, Soon we were married - with over a thousand people at the wedding! 
I gave birth to our son Gede Dillon in January 2012 - and our daughter Kadek Aysha followed in
​ 2014​.
My wonderful mum and step dad made us a wedding gift of some land and start up funds for us to build our bungalows - and so the story of Dillons Bungalows has come to the present day - but that's not the end for sure - I have been truly blessed in my life and I can now look forward to sharing my wonderful good karma with our guests. 
We all look forward to welcoming you to Dillons Bungalows and to ensure that you have the very best time and enjoy Bali and love life here as much as we do. We will be on hand not just as your hosts at Dillons Bungalows, but also to provide advice and all our local knowledge on how to have a great time in Bali.
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